(1) Includes scientists and experts working in the field of mechanization of agriculture and hydro-ameliorative systems, and Laboratory for experimental and model samples.
(2) Works in the field of:

- technologies and facilities for preparation and use of renewable energy sources;
- innovative technologies for agricultural machinery;
- study of the impact of agricultural machinery, agro-technical and hydro-ameliorative measures on the environment and the quality of agricultural products;
- construction, modernization and optimization of the use of agricultural tractors and machine-tractor units;
- research and development of technologies for service maintenance of agricultural machinery;
- modeling, research and optimization of processes in agricultural production and irrigation systems;
- sustainable management of irrigation and drainage systems, rehabilitation, modernization and automation;
- innovative water and energy saving techniques and technologies for irrigation of agricultural crops and improvement of existing ones;
- irrigation regimes of agricultural crops in the conditions of climate change;
- technologies for drainage and flood protection of agricultural lands;
- methodologies and normative documents in the field of agricultural machinery and hydro-ameliorative systems;
- technologies, machines and equipment for mechanization of technological processes in agricultural production.

Head of Department

    Prof. PhD Eng. Snezhan Ivanov Bozhkov

    tel: +359 2 8929345 • +359 879697174


    Scientific competence and publications

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