TESTING LABORATORY OF RADIOECOLOGY AND RADIOISOTOPIC RESEARCH has been accredited according to BDS EN ISO/IEC 17025 since 2003 and maintains its accreditation. It has been declared a National Reference Laboratory at the Ministry of Agriculture and Food by Order of the Minister of Agriculture 09787/ 07.12.2007 within its accreditation in the field of radiometric control.

Head of laboratory: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ivanka Yordanova


GSM:    +359 87 953 7346

             +359 87 953 7354

Tel./fax: +359 2 905 9609

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THE CENTRAL LABORATORY at Nikola Poushkarov ISSAPP is a separate structural entity of a multi-annual history, which conducts complex chemical, agro-chemical, agro-ecological, eco-chemical, physical and physical-chemical research of water, soils, plants, sediments, foods, etc.

The objectives of the Central Laboratory are aiming at several basic aspects through performing complex and/or specific analyses:


  • Support of the research staff of N. Poushkarov ISSAPP, the institutes within the Academy of Agriculture and Bulgarian Academy of Sciences as well as all Universities in the country in the development of national and international scientific and applied-science research tasks, projects, programs, etc.;


  • Methodological, technical and consultancy aid to agricultural producers and other interested entities in the area of agriculture, forestry, ecology, landscape architecture, etc., through providing services such as analyses of different environmental components and foods, devising formal opinions and recommendations, etc.;  


In order to achieve the above stated aims the Central Laboratory depends on its highly-qualified personnel of a long-term experience, who sustainably upgrade their qualification by being constantly trained.


The Central Laboratory practice uses validated methods of environmental component analyses based on Bulgarian and international sources as well as on national and international standards (ISO).


The Central Laboratory works with modern equipment of world leading companies, part of which are:


    • ICP-OES 5800 (Agilent);
    • Autosampler SPS 4 (Agilent);
    • Micro-wave system of acid decomposition of soil and plant samplesи ETHOS EASY (Milestone);
    • System for acid decomposition of soil and plant samples (DK 20) (VELP Scientifica);
    • Automatic nitrogen distiller UDK 129 (VELP Scientifica);
    • Systems for pure and ultra-pure water.


The Central Laboratory is an active participant in international networks such as GLOSOLAN-FAO, which empowers the implementation of up-to-date international tendencies in good laboratory practices and standard operative procedures.


Prices of services offered are available here.


Sample Reception:


Asst. Prof. Vladimir Ilinkin 879 53 73 39, Head of Central Laboratory;


Maria; +359 879 537 370