(1) Includes scientists and experts working in the field of soil science and laboratories "Soil Organic Substance", "Physico-Chemical Laboratory" and "Databases and Banks Data and Geographic Information Systems"
(2) Works in the field of:

- genesis, diagnostics and classification of soils according to approved classification systems.
- study of soil formation processes and the processes of chemical transformation and redistribution of soil components in natural and anthropogenic soils;
- study of the chemical composition and properties of soils and their changes under the influence of natural and anthropogenic factors;
- creation of databases for natural, reclaimed and degraded soils; GIS mapping with recommendations for agricultural practice;
- maintains soil and cartographic archive;
- assessment of the chemical degradation of the soils (acidification, salinization, pollution); study and assessment of the radiation status of the soil;
- assessment of the content and composition of the soil organic matter;
- study of the geochemical distribution, bioavailability and toxicity of basic biogenic and pedolithogenic elements in soils and adjacent ecosystems; study of the migration of radionuclides in the soil plant system and determination of transfer coefficients;
- technologies for reclamation, monitoring and recommendations for management of natural, reclaimed and anthropogenically affected soils;
- assessment of different types of waste products, sludges and others for the purposes of reclamation and development of technologies for their utilization;
- agro-ecological and quality assessment of soils, categorization of agricultural lands; creation of new quality methodologies. Assessment of the suitability of the lands for cultivation of agricultural crops and their zoning;
- study and assessment of radiological indicators of water - groundwater, surface water, drinking water.